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500 Keywords For The SAT
500 Keywords For The SAT
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ISBN :  8183551505

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Product Description

Add-ons are always a blessing to give the extra edge in the preparatory exercises for exams. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive list with five hundred words from the vocabulary that appear most frequently on the SAT. Just as important, this book teaches how to learn them. The book gives visual cues and memory tricks to help learn the words quickly, easily, and permanently. If you've ever said "profane" when you meant "profound", or confused "collaborate" with "corroborate", or wondered how you'd ever remember that "prodigal" means wasteful and "prodigious" means large -- this book is for you!

Salient Features:
  • Each of the five hundred entries gives the word, its pronunciation, part of speech, and definition.
  • It supplies a visual cue for remembering the word's meaning. It's a mental bridge: when you see the word you'll think of the bridge, and when you think of the bridge you'll remember the definition.
  • In addition, helpful notes will give you the other forms of the word.
  • Warnings that guard against look-alike and sound-alike words (a favorite source of confusion for the test-makers).
  • A list in the back of the book provides an additional 135 words you should know.
  • Plus, a special section provides invaluable tips for avoiding the traps waiting for you on the test.

NOTE: Not all five hundred words have cartoons, about a hundred of them do. But all five hundred words have a visual cue; in other words, the pictures you should use to build those mental bridges are described clearly for you.

This pack has helped thousands of students improve their vocabulary and prepare better for numerous standardized tests. You can learn ten new words in ten minutes. Or twenty words in twenty minutes. You decide your goals and the pace at which you wish to achieve those goals.
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What's Inside This Pack

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