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Flash Card
Flash Card
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ISBN :  8190202626

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Product Description
What's Inside This Pack?
Product Description
FLASH CARDS are an important initial step towards mastering difficult vocabulary words that appear on the GRE, SAT, CAT, etc. This product was designed from the ground up to target these tests. It is packed with 4000 “testworthy” words those that only students with an educated vocabulary are likely to know. These are the words that the test-designers love to include on competitive exams- especially in exam questions involving READING COMPREHENSION, TEXT COMPLETIONS, SENTENCE EQUIVALENCE, SYNONYMS, ANTONYMS, and ANALOGIES that test vocabulary directly or indirectly.

This updated set of FLASH CARDS will prepare students for the new Graduate Record Exam.

How to get most out of this product:

Memorizing the flash cards:
Carry a few of these flash cards daily with you. Look at them when you travel from your home to college and vice-versa or sitting idle. Work in short bursts. Try going through 10 to 15 flash cards at a time, shuffling through them quickly so that you can build your rapid sight recognition of the words. You want these words, their synonyms and antonyms to spring to your mind instantaneously.

Test your memory: Don't look at the back of the card as much as possible. Go through your set of 10 to 15 cards several times a day. Then, when you have mastered around 5 to 7 of the cards, set those cards aside and add the same number of new cards to your working pile. That way you will be working with a limited group, but you won't be wasting time reviewing words you have already known or mastered.

Each CARD consists of the following detail:

  • The WORD printed on front side along with its pronunciation key.
  • Part of speech(s).
  • Synonym(s).
  • Antonym(s).
  • Sample sentence(s).
  • Each Card is printed on a 100 GSM Paper.



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FLASH CARDS + 500 KeyWords For The SAT
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What's Inside This Pack

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