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Welcome Educators

As a course instructor or tutor, you see competition, success, failure every day. You see students just missing that historic number that would get them admission into their dream institutes. You watch helplessly, wondering how better you could have helped them. If your students don?t get the necessary grades at the GRE, GMAT or other qualifying examinations, what are his or her options? Where will such students go? What will their future be? It?s not only parents who agonize about the future of students, concerned tutors like you also do.

We understand this and hence have a range of products that will assist you in helping your students succeed. All our products give extensive analysis that will help you know your students? strengths and weaknesses, whether they are working on the weaknesses, whether they have improved on particular question types, whether their speed has increased and generally whether they are making good progress. You can then personalize your tutoring based on the reports generated in our product. We have put efforts to provide you all the resources you need to be a terrific mentor.


  • Truly adaptive tests with question pool much larger than a minimum set
  • Products for SAT®, GRE®, GMAT®, and TOEFL iBT®
  • Accurate scoring algorithm
  • Original question pool with all current question types
  • Easy to install and run on all Microsoft based operating systems
  • Captures statistical data on your students' performances
  • Recreates actual test environment
  • Re-brandable software - Can carry your organization's name, logo, and content (if available)
  • Our unique registration system will ensure only your students can use the product.

How will you put our products to use?

We offer end-to-end customization in all our products especially for educators. You may put them to use in any or all of the following ways:

  • You can offer them as a valuable addition to your existing courseware and offerings.
  • You can give them to your students at a discounted price.
  • You can embed our online tests on your website.
  • You can incorporate your content into our software engine.
  • You can retail them on your online portal or other portals like, and others
  • You can sell them in your book store.


GRE Computer Adaptive Test (GRE CAT)

GMAT Computer Adaptive Test (GMAT CAT)

TOEFL Internet Based Test (TOEFL iBT)

Flash Cards


Most products available on our website can be designed and customized for you. You can check out these products in our Products section. You just need to choose the products of your interest and email us at and our experts will get back to you.

Specific product brochures and demos can be downloaded:
GRE Catalogue

GMAT Catalogue

TOEFL Catalogue

Client Relationships

  • Driven by client satisfaction
  • 85% of business in last 5 years through repeat customers
  • 60 client relationships older than 5 years
  • Largest order through customer referral
  • Over 50 reference-able CEOs

Sample quantitative section screen for GRE Sample verbal section screen for GRE Sample verbal section screen for GRE Progress tracker for GRE
Quantitative Section GRE Verbal Section GRE verbal section GRE Progress Tracker GRE
Sample score card screen      
Score Card GRE      
Sample quantitative section screen for GMAT Sample verbal section screen 

for GMAT    
Quantitative Section GMAT Verbal Section GMAT  
Sample TOEFL iBT reading section screen Sample TOEFL iBT reading section review screen  
TOEFL iBT reading section TOEFL iBT Reading Section Review TOEFL iBT Big CD  
flash card box flash card    
FLASH Card Packaging FLASH Card    

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