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ISBN :  8190202650

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What's Inside This Pack?
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Product Description

Edition: 2011(Previous Edition: 2008, 2009, 2010)

Worried about the TOEFL? Get this progressive software comprising three timed tests with screens, breaks and instructions identical to the actual TOEFL. This software assesses your grasp of the English language and its usage. The Test Quit option is also made available wherein any test can be quit anytime you want.

The software is designed in a way that you will not lose any questions if you quit the test. This software comes complete with a Progress Tracker, list of Words, Manias, Pronunciation, Verbs, Argument topics and lessons on Listening skills to help you ace the TOEFL.

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What's Inside This Pack
A Detailed Look Inside
Testing Centre

You may create a unique Login ID to administer the three tests. This feature is useful if there is more than one user on the same machine.
A personal score card is made for every test for every login. The score card denotes a score for each section. It also gives a detailed report about how many questions were answered, how many remained unanswered, how many were answered right, how many wrong & the total score. The option of printing the score card for future reference is also available.
An overall statistical analysis comparing the scores in each test is made available. Besides this, section wise and sub-section wise comparison charts are also made available. This will help you compare how you scored in a particular section or sub section in all the tests. You can then work on the section you performed badly in.
A detailed review of each test is possible. You can go back to each question and see what you had answered and in how much time as well as see complete explanations about why the answer is right or wrong.
Go over an iBT

This section is for reviewing all the tests that you have given. The review is available for each type of questions. All the tests have answer key and explanations. All the questions have detailed explanations to help you understand the problem and evaluate mistakes and the explanations make sure you would not make any mistakes further in similar type of questions.

Progress Tracker

One of the most important features for reviewing yourself, the Progress Tracker tracks the progress of each test given by you. At the end of every test, you can evaluate which section you did well as compared to the previous test and in which your performance was lacking. You can review this kind of progress for individual sections as well as for individual type of questions. E.g. last test you scored a 50% in antonyms(4 out of 8 were correct) and this time you scored 60%(6 out of 10 are correct) shows that you have done progress.

This section contains a list of most frequently tested words for the TOEFL. With the words it also has their part of speech, synonyms, antonyms (wherever applicable), shown usage in sentence and pronunciation of each word.

This list introduces you to around 30 manias along with their meanings.

This feature teaches you to pronounce the simplest to the most complex words. It works like this - you type any word/s in the text box provided and the software will pronounce the word/s for you in American accent.
70 irregular verbs with their base form, simple past, past-participle and 'ing' forms are listed.
Arguments Topic

10 argument topics are illustrated along with sample essays.
Lesson On Reading Skills

Lessons on the TOEFL listening section is a new feature added in this version. The lessons start with basic listening techniques and go on up to recognizing the Hidden meaning. These lessons cover detailed notes with loads of solved samples.

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