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All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Gold Pack
All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Gold Pack
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ISBN :  8190202618

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Product Description
What's Inside This Pack?
A Detailed Look Inside
Product Review
Product Description

Edition: 2015 (Previous Editions: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Gold Pack consists of FIVE full length GMAT Mock tests, each with unique questions and format identical to the real GMAT including instructions, timing, breaks, screens and Help. Other features include Score Card presenting the overall score as well as sectional scores for every test, detailed answers and explanations for each question and Time Management tools. The Time Management tools provide statistics of time taken for each section as well as question type for each test. This analysis will help you increase your speed test after test.

All this and much more makes All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Gold Pack your ultimate tool to crack the GMAT.

Includes Five Practice Tests, sections and timings as per the GMAT format

Complete answers with detailed explanations for every question at the end of test

Includes detailed score card

Time Management Tools

Also check All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Silver Pack that includes Five-GMAT-like Mock Tests that are completely different from the ones in this Pack.

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All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Silver Pack
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All About GMAT Computer Adaptive Test - Silver Pack + Gold Pack
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What's Inside This Pack
A Detailed Look Inside
Testing Centre
Administer New Test
Each of the 5 unique tests is without any repetition of questions.
The questions are assigned various levels of difficulty. Depending on whether you answer a question right or wrong, the next question is comparatively difficult or simple respectively. Adaptivity is linked with your answering capacity.
The first 5 to 6 questions have the maximum weightage on the final score.
A personal score card is made for every test. The score card denotes a score for each section. It also gives a detailed report about how many questions were answered, how many remained unanswered, how many were answered right, how many wrong & the total score.
A detailed review of each test is available. You can go back to each question and see what you had answered and in how much time as well as see complete explanations about why the answer is right or wrong.

Review Test

This section is for reviewing all the tests that you have given. The review is detailed with explanations and is available for each type of question. All the tests have answer key and explanations. All the questions have detailed explanations to help you understand the problem and evaluate mistakes and the explanations make sure you would not make any mistakes further in similar type of questions.

Resume Incomplete Test

This is a very useful feature. There are various instances where you start a practice but you may want to take a short break or attempt a part of the test the next day. You can save your test when you want to take a break and resume the test at a later stage.

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