1 Did you know about THE BIG CD & the products offered by them?
2 From where did you get the information?
  Friend Internet Coaching Class
Please specify if others:
3 Did the person at the retail counter inform you about the product?
4 Was adequate information shared with you?
5 What attracted you to buy the product?
6 Which products did you buy from THE BIG CD?
7 Was the method of registration user friendly? (Applicable only for software)
8 Did the contents of the product fulfill your expectations? Rate on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being most satisfactory.
9 What will you recommend to THE BIG CD in terms of improvement in contents, format or aesthetics?
10 Does the product give value for money?
11 If the price of the product is increased by say 10 to 20% will you still buy the product?
12 Do you know any other product in the similar category?
  Yes No
Specify if Yes 
13 Do you suggest any other specific product which will benefit you in the preparations?
14 Did you get any complaint in the product bought by you?
  Yes  No
Please specify if Yes:
15 Whom did you contact & was the complaint resolved?
16 Will you suggest THE BIG CD products to your friends?
17 Which products will you suggest and why?
18 Share with us your over all experience with THE BIG CD
19 If you have given your real test, please provide your real test score and your score in THE BIG CD.