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All About CFA Level I
All About CFA Level I
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Product Description
Edition: 2009

This computer based software helps in assessing your preparation level for CFA Level 1 exam. The software is equipped with four CFA Level- 1 exam Mock tests with detailed answers as well as explanations for each question. Each test is split into morning and afternoon sessions with an optional break to give you a replication of the exam day experience. The question pattern, test format, timing, directions, weightage of questions in a particular topic area and everything else is created in a way to give you a test giving experience that is nothing but real.

Instant scores are provided after each test. Separate score cards for morning and afternoon session are provided for easy reference. Questions answered with less than 50% accuracy are highlighted.

Each test can be reviewed not only question-wise but also topic-area-wise. The Review screen presents questions in groups like all unanswered questions, all flagged questions, all incorrectly answered questions, all correctly answered questions or all questions. This grouping helps the reviewer to concentrate on selected type of questions.

Detailed SS-wise analysis of each question enables you in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this analysis, you can either stick to or modify your study plan.

A unique feature and a very useful tool, Flag, empowers you with an option to flag those questions which you may want to attempt at a later part of the exam without forgetting to attempt them. These questions may be unflagged when attempted.

A Detailed Look Inside

The Testing Centre contains 4 full-length (Morning session as well as Afternoon session) CFA Level-1 tests.
Each test contains 240 total multiple choice questions, 120 in Morning session and 120 in Afternoon session exam. All questions in a test have equal weightage.
The tests are created by subject matter experts as per the curriculum of 2009. The difficulty level of questions is set to standards that match with the real CFA exam standards.
Three score cards are made available after every test ? a score card for morning session, a score card for afternoon session and a complete score card. The separate score cards help you in evaluating your morning and afternoon sessions separately and the combined score card helps you get a complete picture of your preparedness.
This software gives you a complete simulation of the real CFA exam and combined with our review mechanism it becomes an invaluable tool in your preparation for the level 1 exam. After the completion of each test, you get instant scores and a detailed review of each question. The review points out unanswered questions, flagged questions, incorrectly answered questions as well as correctly answered questions. It also displays time taken to answer each question. The topic area corresponding to every question is highlighted.
Analysis of each question is done topic-area wise as well as SS-wise. Such detailed analysis helps you in identifying the topic-areas or SS where you are strong and those where you need to put in some more efforts. On the basis of this analysis, your study plan can be fine tuned. The results of the next test will show how much you progressed.
One of the most important features for reviewing yourself, the Progress Tracker tracks the progress of each test given by you. At the end of every test, you can evaluate in which topic area you did well as compared to that of the previous test and in which your performance was lacking. You can review this kind of progress for individual topic areas as well as for individual type of questions.
The Flag feature is designed keeping in mind limited time and the tremendous pressure that builds up during the exam. It is recommended that you do not waste too much time on any question. Using this feature, you may leave certain time consuming difficult questions to be answered at a later time. It does not let you forget to attempt any question in a test. When in doubt, a question can be flagged for some time and can be attempted at a later time. Once attempted, the question can be unflagged.

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