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Planning to appear for GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, English Language, Mock test? Planning to pursue a foreign degree to pave the path to a bright future? Or eyeing an MBA in one of world's best colleges? Bigger dreams, bigger ambition and certainly a bigger, better life? The Big CD prepares you for exactly that, just take our educational CD software programs and mock tests and get ready to grab your dreams.

For seven years now, The Big CD has been fuelling countless dreams of young aspirants who are seeking a world class education. The Big CD range of testing software caters to 35,000+ students annually. As we continue to shape an increasingly more number of futures, this number continues to grow. Everyday, students from the USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and other countries use our tests to sharpen their preparation skills.

The Big CD is brought to you by Educational Software Technologies [EST], pioneers of test preparation and software solutions. EST reaches out to students globally with information about colleges and universities, career schools, postgraduate programs, distance learning, summer opportunities, study abroad and test preparation tools. Our team of dedicated educators, researchers and engineers brings together the art of innovation and the science of technology to make our products of the highest quality; and yet keep them simple, direct and extremely focused.

At EST, it is our goal to deliver in a way to make a difference in people's futures.
I'm already done flipping through more than half the words and i think it's great the way the words have been arranged and the sentences are very 'picturesque'. great package!'

'These cards really helped me prepare for the GRE. Thanks again edusoftech for designing a wonderful product:)'

'I enjoy reviewing the flash cards with my daughter every night before bed. It's a nice way to get away from the TV and interact with her. I start talking about it as soon as I get home. By the time it's bedtime, she wants to do revise the ones we did yesterday and learn 20 new words..... She's really enjoying it. I am sure these cards would help her through the verbal section of the SAT.... you guys rock..'

'The cards seem to have designed really well. Especially the crossword puzzle book they have provided is of great help. But they need to work on the quality of the paper. Overall a decent package...'

'I just got an 800 in math and 760 in verbal and wanted to thank you for your help. Many words which GRE CBT had in its antonym and synonym test were missing in other books and CDs. I got 2 of them in the real GRE and guess what? i got both of them rite!!! Thanx again BIG CD.'

'I want to thank my friend Joe who recommended me BIG CD. The software has gr8 set of questions and the User Interface is almost similar to the real GRE. Also other features like Antonyms test, wordlist, and flashcards helped me a lot in getting me a good score.'

'I had a 2005 as well as 2006 edition of GRE CBT BIG CD. These guys have worked upon a lot of words and stuff in the 2006 edition. I would sincerely say a must for every GRE aspirant.'

'Thank you Without you i wouldn't have got a 690 in verbal. Also the Pronunciation feature is helping me a lot in preparing for the TOEFL exam.'

'The CD-ROM has a good selection of questions. It is very well designed to suit a student's need for testing. All GRE aspirants should get one today'

'Adaptive tests are very well designed and marked up. I got my score increased by at least 100 after I started referring these tests. Worth a buy'

'The tests are very beautifully designed. Apart from that the high frequency words as well as root list does help.'

'Couldn't have got something better at such a low price. The tests screen looks exactly similar to the real ones.'

'I am really Thankful to you as I received my replacement CD that u sent today evening, and I am also very much pleased with your service for taking so much interest in your customer.'

'A must have for all GMAT aspirants. The screens, content, level of questions & every single detail is looked upon designing the CD. I didn't feel anything new during my exam day. Hats off BIG CD. - Best Wishes,'

'When I first saw this product online, I was skeptical about buying it since it was dirt cheap and I thought I would be cheated. But now I feel happy I got GMAT CBT. I wouldn't have got something better at such a low price. I will recommend this to others and I am going ahead to buy GMAT CAT CD today...'

'None of the products available in the market contain only tests. I have purchased the COMBO of CAT and CBT, I found both the CD-ROMS really good.'

'Very nice CD to prepare for the GMAT. I found this one very useful. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I scored a 720/800 after referring this CD.'

'Overall, it's a good package. I did not have bad surprises when I took the actual tests.'

'The Progress tracker helped me a lot. It keeps a track of your progress for every test, each section as well as each type of question. A good buy.'

'TOEFL BIG CD saved my life. I waited until the last minute to take the TOEFL and used this product to cram. The section on Listening Comprehension helped me the most because that's my weakest skill. I can read and write English well, but I can't always understand spoken English. The tests helped me prepare for (and pass) the test. I recommend it to anyone who is or will be studying for the TOEFL'

'I find this product refreshingly different from other materials available. I have only given one test and find it amazing! It has many useful features like progress tracker, irregular verbs, Wordlist, etc...'

'I had gone through a lot of material before giving exams from this CD. I found out that this is the only product which has everything. Once you have this CD, no need to refer to any other material.'

'It is a big help for foreign students to prepare for the TOEFL. Wonderful software!! Initially had problems with the registration but their helpline was very kind to get me thru...'

'The Wordlist workbook well designed and every word is practiced so many times, that even if I want to forget a word now, its get difficult. It's a must with the Flashcards set.'

'It has so many practice exercises for each word. It gets difficult to cope up with it at times. You need one full hour to solve one chapter. Initially I felt a bit bored, but today I am happy to go through each of the exercises thoroughly.'

'Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice seems to be the bottom-line of this book. It has covered everything very well. Hope the page quality had been a little better. An Innovative product.'

'The easiest and the right way to learn and remember words. After going through the tests in the book, you don't need to cram any words. You tend to remember them automatically. Keep up with the good work'

'It's a wonderful program.'

'With newly learned skills, I know how to make my message clear and strong. I also spend less time editing my emails because I know exactly where to look for problems.'

'I like the on-line practices. Those really helped me. You learn it and practice it immediately. This helps you remember what you learned. We also got answers from the practices, which let you correct it right away.'

'I learned grammar in my country, but your steps give me solid, organized rules.'

'The program clearly identifies the common errors that most ESL/EFL writers make.'

'The analysis and explanation of each idiom is superb.'

'I hear people using these idioms all the time.'

'I notice the idioms used by other people and applying them feels more natural now. I'm really 'dialed in' to the language.'

'I never noticed the idioms in speech, but now I am able to catch them when they are used by someone else. This feels really great.'

'The software is quite advanced and is carefully planned. It helped a lot in figuring out the correct pronunciation and syllabication of words. It also teaches the correct intonation depending upon the mood suggested by the phrases or sentences.'

'While using this program, I realized lots of patterns that are used everyday, but I didn't know why. The native language often unconsciously interferes with our communication in English, such as in word stress. Going through this program helped me to develop some strategies when speaking and listening to American English.'

'The audio guide for intonation and stress is very helpful. I especially like the intonation and rhythm chapters in the program. I would absolutely recommend this to my friends.'

'I am an AVID teacher and am preparing my students for the SAT. After I started using this book my students now think that learning Vocab is fun! When have you ever heard a high school student say that vocab is fun? I highly recommend this book!'

'I found this slightly unorthodox way of learning vocabulary words to be entertaining and practically painless. My children (8th and 5th graders)and their Gifted and Talented Program teachers have been enthusiastic about using the book. I especially appreciate the author's humorous treatment of this compilation of words likely to be tested, and the fact that he has updated the book periodically to keep pace with changes in the SAT. I would recommend it for any student-in school or not- interested in expanding his or her vocabulary.'

'My teenage son shared with me that this book was going to be a great study guide in preparation for the SAT. I was intrigued by his comments so I decided to review the book. Where was this book when I took the SAT in bell bottoms and a T-shirt with the peace sign on it? Thanks Charles ... a book with a "common sense" approach. A must buy for the serious SAT test taker!'

'a very good product. really helped me with tough words when giving paper tests before the CBTs. didnt have to scan through the wordlist to find a tough word. good value for money!'

'Hi...Its amazing. I have improved my vocab thru it and I think I am becoming purist AFS english is concerned. U dont get boared @ all while reading this. Thanks Shail '

'I had my GRE in 2 weeks and had administered a lot of practice tests. But this downloadable test was really the closest to the GRE. The questions on this test were really at par with what I saw in the actual GRE. I highly recommend this product.'

'A friend recommended this product to me and I was really glad to finally get a software thats exactly like the the real GRE. I scored 1410 on this product and 1430 on the real GRE.'

'Cheap, quick, and hassle free to receive. I liked the content in the software, they got a lot of different types of questions to practice. 5 stars!'

'I thought this product was costly for a single test, but when I administered the second test, I got about 75% new questions!'

'My friends kept tell me how difficult it was to remember words from the wordlist, but I couldnt pay any less heed to their comments after getting this book... This book really changed the way I remember words. Its great.'

'I found a very good resource to carry with me while on my way to school. I can now study words while traveling, and it is fun too! I can even remember words I have seen just once. It can't get better than this!'

'A very nice product for GRE Aspirants.'

'Nice products and great Quality questions'

'The SAT Math reference book has a lot of important formulae you need to know and remember. It shows how to apply these formulae in word problems, which I had a lot of trouble remembering. This book really helped me overcome that and I now remember most math formulae I will need on the SAT.'

'I had a tough time remembering all of those theorems, but this book changed the way I study Math. I now love doing Math.'

'I had trouble pronouncing some GRE words like bacchanalian. It is commonly said the best way to remember words is to imbibe them in your everyday vocabulary. I realised memorizing the entire wordlist was one thing whereas using these words in everyday vocabulary was another. Word Reader really helped me pronounce those difficult words properly, and I could use these words in my everyday conversations. I am now waiting to speak these words for my TOEFL iBT! Wish me luck...'

'I got this software with flashcards as a download, I just downloaded it as it was free. But after I installed it, I realised how good a tool it was. Highly recommended, especially for IELTS!'

'I had a regional accent while speaking English and always wanted to develop a neutral accent. I tried quite a few other products but nothing worked as good as this product. I used to keep the wordlist on and kept repeating words it spoke. Within a couple of weeks, I noticed a change in my accent. I really owe it all to Word Reader.'

'I got this product while still preparing the wordlists. It really helped me during paper based practice tests when I came across words I hadnt learnt or didnt remember.'

'This software got addictive for me. I would open it up even on my way to college! I used to quiz myself while commuting, and I developed a knack for the GRE wordlist.'

'Mobile wordlist is a nice tool to look up words not learnt yet.'

'Your GRE CBT is the best in the market..'

'An extensive range of products for GRE and a wonderfully designed website!'

'Nice Product'

'This is good website'

'I learn very langauges'

'Very Nice Product .It really helped me out in Preparing my exam'

'All the tips in your book were a big help to me, especially in reading and listening. On my first exam I didn't know how to approach the reading part so I wasn't able to finish and ended up guessing the last part. But this time I am satisfied with my reading part'

'All your tips served me as a guiding tool to take my IELTS with confidence. And here's the good news: I've passed the IELTS! Listening: 7 Reading: 7 Writing: 8 Speaking: 7 Thanks a lot and God bless you!'

'I am thankful to you, believe it or not, you have changed my life as I now qualify for PR in Australia. I bought your book two days before my exam and didn't have time to practice, just read your tips two or three times and went directly to the exam centre. My result was: Listening: 7.0 Reading: 6.5 Writing: 6.0 Speaking: 7.0 You are doing a wonderful job!'

'GRE Big CD really hepled me out in preparing for my real GRE Exam'

'I got this product and was amazed by the quality of questions. After giving my GRE, I realised how important this software was to help me score better. Thanks BIG CD Team'

'I liked the product!'

'Wonderful TOEFL Product! Kudos'


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